The Best Time to Travel to Bali Island and Airport Transfers

Book Bali Airport Transfer

Bali Airport Transfer is a transfer service with Private Driver and Bali Airport Transfer , we provides pick up from Bali Airport to the hotel or from hotel to airport also hotel to hotel, It is provided with air-conditioning car and elegant seats to keep convenience and comfortable during your journey. The service is started from pick you up at the airport by our speaking English driver and drop to the hotel or pick you up at the hotel lobby and drop to the airport. It is provided the special price based on the hotel location that is available on the table below. The Bali airport transfer costs at reasonable prices with nothing to worry about queuing to have the normal airport taxi.

How to make Bali Pick up in Airport :

Our driver will be waiting outside of the arrival hall either at the international and domestic terminal with a sign board of your name on it and booking code.
For anyone who is thinking about holidaying, relaxing, or honeymooning, Bali would definitely be a top tourist destination to consider. It is known as the island of the gods and is blessed with picturesque sceneries, amazing and exotic flora and fauna, beautiful and pristine white sand beaches, fun and exciting water and beach activities, fashionable boutiques, chic restaurants, as well as warm and hospitable people. Getting there is truly going to be an amazing experience. Additionally, it has Bali luxury villas, Bali villas resort, and private villas in Bali where one can stay in and enjoy.
However, if one wants to really enjoy his time in Bali, it is important to know when the best time is to visit the island. Since seasons and the weather can create much impact on daily activities while in the island, one should make sure to go there at the perfect time.

Here is a guide to the best times to travel to Bali.

• Rainy season. The rainy season in Bali falls from October to March, during which the island is covered in humidity as well as in frequent storms. Downpours may happen every now and then during the whole day which may disrupt outdoor activities. But since Bali is close to the equator, its temperature usually just plays around 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

• Dry season. The dry season if more often preferred by tourists as it allows them to stay outdoors. It is during this time that tourists and locals are out doing their usually activities. The dry season runs from April to September though there could be a few rainfalls anytime during the season. The good thing is that such downpours are just light and may stop immediately.

• Holidays and festivals also abound in Bali as the Balinese people are truly religious. Throughout the year, festivals are held in July with the Negara Bull Races, June with Bali Arts Festival and Kite Festival, and August with the National Independence Day. But of all the months, the month of March is considered to be filled as the Melasti and Nyepi festivals are held at this time.

• Peak Season. The peak season in Bali plays around the time of summer vacation in the US and Europe. Therefore, the peak season falls from June to September where rates always go high. Furthermore, Christmas and New Year celebrations also cause traffic congestion in Bali and in luxury Bali villas.

So if you like to see Bali packed with so many tourists, then you can visit it during the dry season or peak seasons. However, if you like wanting to keep the beautiful island to yourself, then opt for the seasons where there are less tourist arrivals. There is really no perfect time to visit Bali since the judgment will only come from you. Choose the time you will visit it and see the luxury villas in Bali.

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